Saturday, April 17, 2010

Skin Care Tips

It is just as important to treat you skin. As it is to apply make-up. Here are a few tips to ensure your skin will look and feel smooth with or without make-up.

1.Always take your make up off before bed- I use Neutrogena one step gentle cleanser

2.Exfoliate-I use The Neutrogena wave original with the pads it comes with.I recently bought the gentle exfoliating pads

3.Tone- I use the one step cleanser it doubles as a toner.

4.Moisturize-I use cetaphil moisturising lotion for all skin types OR Philosphy hope in a jar-recent purchase.

5.And when in the sun always use a Sun Protective Factor(SPF) I have yet to make this purchase. Sephora carries a few Like Clarins Sunscreen Spray Oil-Free SPF 15 approx. $23.00 or target has Episencial Sunscreen SPF 35 for the body


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