Friday, April 30, 2010

Sephora-Grand Opening Tacoma WA

Oh how I've waited for this day for so long...So many of you may already know but...Sephora just opened up in The Tacoma Mall..Yay!

So it opened a couple of weeks ago..April 9,2010 to be exact.And the first 100 received a gift card up to 100 dollars..I didn't know anyone else who would be just as excited about it as i was so i drug my mother with me.We arrived at about 8:10 am there were a few about 40 people there when we arrived.After a while more and more people started to show up.Some chicks had their kids with them, some lied about having marriage counseling session just so they could attend the Grand opening..Yes it that serious. Not to mention my mother works graveyard so she had just gotten off work @ 6:30. Soon enough some of the Sephora employees came out to greet us and get the party started.

Around 9:45 am the staff came back out and handed the first 100 people a ticket (mom and I were 61 and 62)so when the doors opened we gave our ticket and received a gift card. we both got $10 cards. NOT BAD.I used mine towards UDPP, Hope in a Jar, and something else i can't remember.It was well worth the wait and the back pain.

Now all I gotta do I keep shopping so I could gain some Point..
THX for reading.See you soon

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