Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Taste

This Past wknd my daughter, mother and I went to the Taste of Tacoma. The Taste is an annual thing we have every year almost the same time. The wknd before the fourth of July. Music is played, there are local stores that sell their merchandise and resturaunts. Each and everytime I go I have to eat a Philly Cheesesteak (minus the cheese) a Lemonade, and a Strawberry shortcake. I must also take a button picture with whomever im with.

Thje down side to the taste is that there are so many rats there wearing high heels.Its damn near Nipple to Nipple in that place and BITCHES wanna were a freakum dress and 6" platforms. And to the ones who have kids that NEVER bring them along. Your trifflin...Its SAD.I bring my one and only everywhere wit me.Thats js me. watever.

Anyway juss thought I'd update. Above is a pic of my daughter Iicylinn and I. Enjoy